The Cab Wraps Up Summer Tour

The Cab’s co-headlining tour with Parachute and special guest, Katelyn Tarver, wraps up this weekend, so we thought it only fitting to say a few words.

The bands started out in July and hit up most of the East Coast, including several big days in New York City.  The Cab’s Alexander DeLeon had been noted for wanting to tour with the guys in Parachute for some time, so it was amazing to finally see the bands come together.

The tour was a co-headliner, so Parachute and The Cab each had plenty of opportunities to end each night in their own style.

Both bands offered VIPs for fans, which included exclusive meet-and-greets.  The Cab also gave out personalized dog tags for their Symphony Soldier VIPs.  One lucky fan was even selected to come on stage during The Cab’s set, having “Endlessly” sung to them!  Parachute VIPs got in for sound check and received tote bags, as well.

Katelyn Tarver, an up and comer who can be seen on TV shows like Big Time Rush and The Secret Life of the American Teenager, opened the show with her peppy and fun set.

Sierra and I were able to go to the July 31st show at Clifton Park, NY.  We had VIP and all, and I can tell you each time we see The Cab is better than the last.

We got there early for our meet-and-greets and all of the guys were incredibly welcoming and excited to have us there and to perform.

Once finally settled in the venue, Katelyn went on and really picked up the crowd.  She’s very energetic with a great stage presence, and the stories she told in between songs were funny and relatable.  By the time she was done we were already new fans.

For our show, Parachute was headlining, so The Cab came on next and blew us away (yet again).  From the moment Alex Marshall (pianist) came out to pump us up with new laser effects, we knew we were in for a good show.

They played a lot of songs from their newest album, Symphony Soldier, but still kept some of the oldies-but-goodies like “Take My Hand.”  They even slowed it down a bit, and new touring guitarist, Chance Chantry, got to shine with his impressive skills on the cello.

Parachute ended the night for us and they were absolutely phenomenal.  It was the first time Sierra and I had been able to see them live, and now we can’t wait to see them again!  Lead singer Will Anderson is a force to be reckoned with, bringing all sorts of energy to the stage.  At one point he even jumped down and made his way through the crowd singing their hit, “Ghost.”  It felt like a true dance party with Parachute and you did not want the night to end!

But Parachute is wayyy more than just Will and his serenades on the piano.  Kit French has an unbelievable repertoire of musical talent, his most notable being the way he shreds on the saxophone.  Yes, the saxophone.

So between the cello and the saxophone alone, it was an awesome night.

So now we’re curious, did any of you go to a The Cab/Parachute show this summer??  We’d love to hear about it!  And details, pleaseee!  Who doesn’t love a good concert, right?

Up next for The Cab is a dream-come-true opportunity to tour with Maroon 5!  The bands will head out to the far East to play in Australia and Manila, Philippines, just to name a few.

That will take The Cab good into October, and then in early 2013, the guys plan to start writing and recording for their third studio album!

It’s gonna be a busy year for The Cab, but an exciting one to say the least!


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