In Memoriam: Five Years Later, Our Tears Are Still Drying on Their Own

Five years ago when Amy Winehouse died, I was not a particularly big fan of the singer. I knew her big hits like “Rehab,” and “Back to Black,” because, who didn’t? My boyfriend, however, really liked her, and her premature death in 2011 at the age of 27 seemed to send him into a breathless… More In Memoriam: Five Years Later, Our Tears Are Still Drying on Their Own

Feature Friday: Mallrat

At age 17, I went through one last growth spurt and did my eyebrows in such a horrible way. Mallrat, however, is gearing up to release her debut EP. Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, the indie hip-hop artist is equal parts Grimes, Charlie XCX, and Yung Lean. Mallrat has been featured by tastemakers Hilly Dilly, Triple J, and Pigeons and Planes; her new single, “For Real,” is now streaming on Stereogum.… More Feature Friday: Mallrat

Women in Music: Laurel Sorenson, Frontwoman & Cofounder of Babe Booking

I stood outside of a house on a sticky Nashville night, shaking out my sweaty hair while waiting for the next band to set up. College boys milled about, holding cans of PBR and taking drags from American Spirits, their newly acquired mustaches twitching with each puff. They were all talking about music. “My band… More Women in Music: Laurel Sorenson, Frontwoman & Cofounder of Babe Booking

MCU Mondays: dubé

Ottawa, Ontario natives dubé have built quite a bit of buzz around themselves in their local scene and looking to branch out with the release of their EP, OK, and singles, “Bittersweet” and “You.”dubé is made up of three brothers, Liam, Jan, and Quinn. We asked the band to create a playlist of the songs that have influenced them… More MCU Mondays: dubé

Feature Friday: Alexandra Savior

“Shades” introduces the world to Alexandra Savior, and she seems pretty freaking cool. Produced by Alex Turner, front man of Arctic Monkeys, as well James Ford (Haim, Jesse Ware, and Florence + The Machine), the debut from the Portland-born twenty-one year-old is filled with distorted guitar, synth-y percussion, and 1940s jazz club accents; not to mention her sassy singing style.… More Feature Friday: Alexandra Savior

Feature Friday: Lost Boy Crow

This week, the spotlight is on LA-based artist Lost Boy Crow. He describes himself as “a pop-minded vocalist’s love affair with the world of modern R&B,” which is totally in. You may not have heard of him (yet), but Lost Bow Crow as gone viral with 14 tracks amassing over two million plays on SoundCloud in a year. Most recently, he dropped the sleek and smooth single “Where It All Goes,” and we are listening closely.… More Feature Friday: Lost Boy Crow

Single Review: “Hurricane”

777 days. Steadfast. Hurricane. Words that will forever mean the most to pianist, songwriter, producer, singer, and now, self-identified artist, Alex Marshall.  Formerly of The Cab, today marks the debut of Marshall’s first solo release, his single “Hurricane.” After an incredible amount of hard work, determination, and pure passion comes a preview of music full… More Single Review: “Hurricane”